Comic 91 - Potential Jailbreak

8th May 2010, 10:15 AM
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Potential Jailbreak
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Author Notes:

Xenrin 8th May 2010, 10:15 AM edit delete
So, this is (very) loosely based on the fact that yesterday night, me and a couple other people hopped a chain-link fence to get to a restaurant, and on the way back, while hopping it again, we accidentally knocked half of it down (in our defense, it was already very unstable!).

I had a question I wanted to ask you readers, but I forgot it. :(

[Also, in case any of you actually use the search feature on this site, and are expecting me to have the transcripts searchable you are sadly mistaken (for the past month or two of comics that is).
The transcripts are the Alt text though, so you can search the Alt text and meta tags.
If you want.]
Xenrin 8th May 2010, 1:04 PM edit delete
Oh! I remember what that question was now...

What content do you like best about IC?
- The original content. Rape jokes, political incorrectness, and violence abounded (THIS)!
- Surreal strips like THIS
- Humorous and/or astute observations based on/inspired by real life (what this comic seems to focus on a lot; THIS)
- Humorous and/or astute observations having no real bearing on real life (everything else; THIS)

Comment below plz.


BSnapZ 9th May 2010, 7:40 PM edit delete reply
Probably the latter. :P
Magravan 10th May 2010, 2:50 PM edit delete reply
Tough call..
Xenrin 11th May 2010, 8:21 AM edit delete reply
Well, since hardly anyone responded to the question I posed (you guests do know you can still comment, right?), I guess I will just continue posting whatever I can think of.

I was just wonderin' if anyone had a specific aspect of the InsanityHumour they particularly enjoyed... :\